The World of WordPress

Designers and Developers of Fine WordPress Websites and Applications

The World of WordPress

World of WordPress:

After years of developing a variety of different web applications and website for clients, our team has decided to focus entirely on WordPress. Let us tell you a little about WordPress and why we love it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the web’s largest, most used content management systems. Something like 35% of the web is now powered by WordPress in one form or another. WordPress has grown beyond simple websites, and was once considered a tool for startups, small businesses, or hobbyists and not taken seriously by the enterprise. However, today, WordPress boasts clients well into the Fortune 100 and continues to grow in both popularity and sophistication.

Why would we only focus on WordPress?

After many years of buildings projects in a variety of languages and frameworks, we have come to believe for that most website needs (including intranet portals, specialty web apps, company directories and social networks, and eCommerce sites, among other things) can be best served through a WP platform. We also saw more and more of our business trending towards WP and we decided to get super focused on delivering the best WordPress sites possible.

What makes us experts?

We have built sites as simple as a single page with little traffic all the way up to complex eCommerce and content platforms serving over 100,000 monthly active users. We have spent a ton of time understanding the deep mechanics of WordPress, and especially, the security aspects of WP to provide clients with top-tier site quality, reliability, and security. Our team boasts a variety of relevant certifications and there are few WP problems we can’t solve.

What’s next?

As we continue to build our service divisions, we are actively working on our own specialized plugin and portal to help clients more easily manage the complex aspects of their site, and give them easier ways to involve our team with ease.


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