WordPress DeepReview™

Designers and Developers of Fine WordPress Websites and Applications


A proprietary methodology that allows us to examine the deepest parts of your WordPress website to help you understand all the opportunities and challenges you may face with your site. We including a variety of factors to create a site grade. Our grading is also tuned towards your goals; this means that based on your website growth goals the grade could change. A site trying to grow rapidly will have different grading factors than a site looking for low volume but high impact.

WordPress site aspects covered by DeepReview™:

  1. Hosting infrastructure
  2. Network security
  3. Application layer security
  4. Plugins and Themes examination
  5. SEO considerations
  6. User and roles
  7. Conversion goals
  8. Workflows and automation (if needed)
  9. Content organization (if needed)
  10. API connections and data storage (if needed)

Depending on the nature of the site, other factors are often included in the report.

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