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WordPress Security

Anyone that’s worked on WordPress for a while knows how vulnerable it can be. If not properly maintained and hardened, WordPress is a major target for a variety of hacks and exploits. It’s the job of the WP Manager to ensure that the site is maintained in accordance with then-current best practice standards. Our sister company, Saaats, focuses on nothing but security and quality assurance. Lending from that experience, our team has built best practices for a variety of WordPress site profiles.

Whether you have a very small content site and think security doesn’t matter, or you manage a growing e-commerce site and security is top of mind, hardening and defense strategies can be applied cost-effectively in any situation.

Did you get hacked? 

If you think your site has been hacked, or you got an email from your hosting provider that your site has malware and has been suspended, contact our Security Team today and we can jump in and help sort it out for you.

BLACKLABELWP Security Team: [email protected]